Siesta Key ((VACATION!))

A few months ago, my best friend and I were at work (we work in the same office) and about 30 seconds away from a 2007 head-shaving Britney meltdown and knew that we needed a vacation. Something. Anything.
So we booked one.
We rented a cute little 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo on Siesta Key Beach, which is located in Sarasota, FL.
The condo we stayed at was adorable. It wasn't directly on the beach, but it was only about a 3 minute walk to it, it was the most wonderful patio to sit on while the babies napped and went to bed at night, and a beautiful, fully equipped kitchen which we ended up really utilizing.
If you are ever looking to stay near Siesta Key, I definitely recommend The Beach Club at Siesta Key.
We arrived in the area on Thursday afternoon and immediately found a place to get some food and perhaps an adult beverage or two ;)
We found ourselves at a place called The Daiquiri Deck sitting outside on the patio in the gorgeous Florida sun.
The cup is empty and the cap is on, don't panic ;)
Our ponytail game was on point!
Once we got settled into our rooms, we quickly headed to check out the beach.
Siesta Key is one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful beaches in the world!
The sand is as soft and smooth as flour and the water is gorgeous.
The girls LOVED their wagon rides along the beach.
The first morning, we scarfed down some breakfast and made our way out for an afternoon in the sun.
The girls were inseparable & the pictures just keep getting cuter.
Abigail loved chasing the seagulls, which actually worked in our favor since we were surrounded by some lovely tourists who decided it would be SO super fun to throw bread into the air and feed them.
Is there anything us Florida people hate more? Probably not..
We only saw a couple of jellyfish, but the ones we saw weren't messing around.
On our last day at the beach, I was carrying Abigail and went to go splash around in the water. I made it maybe 3 feet in and saw a jellyfish that was approximately the size of a large, new york style pizza pie and at the point, I decided I was done with the ocean.
Mama doesn't toy with creatures that require someone peeing on me to fix. ;)
This is what naptime looked like each day.
& this is what nighttime looked like.
Have you guys played Cards Against Humanity?! It is one of the most fun games I have ever played and I think I cried from laughing at least a dozen times.
I definitely recommend it!
We spent a lot of time at the pool as well.
Can you handle this picture? Because I can't.
They love each other so much!
Her unibrow makes me smile ;)
We caught the sunset two out of the three nights we were there and it was magical.
We took lots of selfies and tried to soak up every beautiful, relaxing minute.
Saturday was our last full day at the beach and we tried to make the most of it.
The weather was perfect so we split our time between the beach and the pool.
The property we stayed at had 4 propane grills for us to use, which we the boys did to grill steak two of our nights. It was so much nicer to be able to stay in and cook real food instead of having to pack up the girls each night to go out.
Our last night on the beach turned into a real serious photoshoot and I'm not mad about it.
We had the very best time and it was just what we needed to put a little pep back into ALL of our steps.
And then Monday rolled around and it was a real bitch of a day.
As soon as I got to the office, my favorite wedges popped and broke.
I was so busy I didn't even heat my lunch up until almost 3pm.
And then I got a sippy cup punch to the face by Abigail during dinner.
Time for another vacation!


  1. One of my favorite blogs! Love all the pictures. Glad you guys had a great time :-) stacey s

  2. What an awesome blog Jen. You make laugh out loud! And the pics of all of you are beautiful! Looks like amazing time! Love you Momma

  3. I'm glad you all had a great time and that you could share the experience with such good friends. I love the picture of Abigail smiling in her little, white hoodie-dress. And it's funny you should mention "Cards Against Humanity" because I considered getting it for you all last Christmas. :-)

    On another note, if you ever happen to be stung by a jellyfish, do NOT ask anyone to urinate on the affected skin. The acid in the urine will only intensify the pain. You need to remove the stingers with a credit card and wash the area gently with soap and water. Ice and NSAIDS should help you manage any residual pain or swelling.