Abigail, is that Mickey?!

That was the question of the weekend.
 Every time we asked, Abigail would lose. her. shit. 
And it was epic!
Abigail's face the minute we got to the hotel and she saw Simba on the side of the building. 

We had an absolute blast at Disney this weekend! (Thanks Mom & Dad!) 
My mom and I arrived at the hotel, The Art of Animation early Friday evening, after sitting in 2 hours of traffic. We got in and settled into our cute Lion King themed suite and pretty much immediately put Abigail to bed. It was going to be a long day for her the next day so we wanted to make sure she got enough sleep. 
A couple of hours later, Billy and my dad arrived at the hotel. 
We introduced my parents to Cards Against Humanity and eventually called it a night around midnight or so.
(source) This is part of what our suite looked like. How fun, right?! 

We spent the majority of the day at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on Saturday. 
Abigail was absolutely perfect the whole day, I on the other hand got pretty damn cranky in the heat and packed park. The Magic Kingdom was shoulder to shoulder people and we were only able to do a handful of things. Once Abigail eventually fell asleep in her stroller, we left the park and got on the monorail. Air conditioning and a sleeping baby meant we rode it aimlessly for about 45 minutes. 
Magic Bands! 
Completely in awe of It's A Small World. 

We hit up Hollywood Studios next for one reason and one reason only. For Billy to ride the Tower of Terror! He has a bit of a fear of heights and he had never been to the park before so we were pumped for him. 
Fun Fact: the first time I rode it was with my dad when I was much, much younger and naive. He told me THE ENTIRE TIME that is was just a simulator and everything would be fine. And I believed him. Until the doors opened up at the top and we dropped to the ground. 
I'm still scarred from it. 
So while we rode the ride, my mom took Abigail on a stroll around the park. She came back with a face full of ice-cream and a Minnie Mouse tattoo on her arm. Nanna for the win ;) 

After a few beers and a $10 Mickey Mouse balloon, we decided it was just too hot and crowed to enjoy much more. So we headed back to the hotel for dinner and beer. Lots of beer. 
We played another epic game of Cards Against Humanity and went to bed hoping we wouldn't wake up with theme park hangovers. 
No Disney trip is complete without an Ice Cream in the shape of Mickey ;) 

We spent Sunday at the pool, arcade and gift shop.. in that order. 
Finally packing up the car and heading home around 5pm. 

We had such a good time and it was a much needed timeout from the busy lives we are leading these days. 

Here are a bunch more pictures from our weekend :) 

She looks like such a big girl in the picture. 
Where did my baby go?! 

Mid Sneeze. She's just too cute!

Abigail and her very own DingleHopper! 
This hotel was SO cute! I definitely recommend it if you have young children! 

My people. I love my people. 
And I love baby thighs. They are scrumptious in this photo! 

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Happy Monday, XOXO! 

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