Abigail, Lately.

Abigail turned 17 months last weekend.
I can't believe I almost have a one and a half year old.
She has changed so much in the course of the past month or two, so I figured it was time for an update!
Abigail has the sweetest, most caring heart. Just as I was typing this, I flipped my computer screen over to the cameras at her daycare and I saw her sitting up against the wall. One of her little friends came and sat down next to her. Abigail looked at her and then wrapped her arms around her and gave her the biggest hug. And just held on tight. It was the sweetest thing. She LOVES to give hugs and kisses. We don't even have to ask for them anymore, we just get them :)
She can count to 5 (on her toes) in English and then 6-10 is a little broken in Spanish, but it's adorable and Billy practices with her every morning when he puts on her shoes.
She eats every meal at her table and chairs, usually with her Mr. Broccoli to keep her company. She hasn't used a highchair (except for at restaurants) in at least 2 months. She likes it better that way.
Speaking of eating, she love love double loves yogurt. She could eat it all day long. She eats a lot of tuna (UNA!) fish and rice. Chicken and applesauce are favorites too. She is pretty picky at this point, but our pediatrician told us that she will grow out of that. She uses a fork and spoon at every meal and if she isn't using it to pick up food, she holds it in her hand while she uses the other hand to shovel the food into her mouth. Doing this, we are pretty certain she is going to be a righty. Which Billy was highly concerned about because he didn't know how he would teach her to play guitar if she was a lefty ;)
Her talking is happening at rapid fire these days. She repeats everything (time to wrap up my sailor mouth), recognizes a lot of things and is able to ask for things when she wants them using her words. Her favorite words are 'buh-bye' with the cutest little hand wave, 'oh no!' and the other day while I was standing outside talking with my neighbor about a bear, she repeated 'oh my gosh!' after I said it.
She has a favorite toy, and it is a set of stacking cups. She would play with them all day if I let her. She stacks them up, counting them and then knocks them down with her 'toe-toes'.
Mickey Mouse is her EVERYTHING at the current moment. Up until a couple weeks ago, we couldn't get her to sit down and watch TV for anything. Now, when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on in the morning, its all screams and yelps and eyes glued to the TV. And it made Disney a blast! (You can read about that by clicking here)
She says 'Pweese' and 'tank eww' all the time. When she wants something I ask her 'what do you say?' and she responds with 'pweese' and once I give it to her, she says 'tank eww'. It's just as adorable as it sounds.
Her hair is getting SO long! We can do actual pigtails now (which is our go-to pretty much everyday) and we are ALMOST at a legit ponytail. She won't let me put headbands or clips on her head, which is making picking her Halloween costume out a little difficult.
The other day in the car, we were driving home from school and she had her sippy cup of water in her lap. She looked down at it and saw her initials on the lid and recognized the letter 'A'. So she starts chanting 'A! A! A! A!' and then it switched to 'Abby!Abby!Abby!'.
She loves to be silly and does things on purpose to make us laugh. Like bringing a small fabric storage bin that holds all of her coloring books into the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and squeezing herself into it like a sardine.
This kid LOVES to dance. Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off' is her song of choice right now. But that could change at any minute. As soon as she hears a beat, she starts wiggling and shaking and just recently she has started dipping her hips low to the ground and swaying back and forth. And to that, Billy says 'you're grounded'!
She loves crayons, but not necessarily coloring. And books. She absolutely LOVES books. We have a huge bin of them in her room and on her rain gutter book shelves (DIY project - click here). Whenever she disappears to her room, 9 times out of 10 I will find her in her room reading a book. If she gets antsy in the car, I hand her a book and it calms her right down.
She absolutely blew Billy & I away the other day. We were getting ready to head out to Home Depot on a Sunday and we told her to 'go get her shoes'. She scurried out of the living room and into her room. Billy and I tiptoed behind her as not to get caught. When we peeked in, we saw that she was huffing and grunting to get her bin of shoes off of her bookshelf down. Once we saw that she got it, we rushed back to the couch where she brought us the entire bin of her shoes to pick out a pair. And then we told her to put it back, and she did! We shouldn't be too far off from beer fetching, now ;)
I know, I say it everytime, but this is truly the BEST age yet!
We love you baby girl, XOXO!


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