Pumpkins & Temper Tantrums - Our Weekend in Pictures.

It was a great weekend for us, indeed!
The weather cooled off a bit, Abigail went to bed when she was supposed to each night & we bought our first batch of pumpkins!
Friday was a rough day for me after the night we had Thursday night, which you can read all about by clicking here. You know who didn't have a rough day?? This girl.....
I warned her teachers that she might have a rough day and told them to call me if she wasn't feeling right, since I didn't know what caused her epic meltdown the night before. Eight hours and no phone call later, I picked her up and this is what I got... belly laughs and toothy smiles! I'm definitely not complaining, I hate seeing my baby girl upset, but I was baffled. And exhausted. So, so exhausted.

We kept Friday night pretty chill. Abigail read books, while I picture stalked her from the corner of her bedroom hallway and called it bedtime shortly after 6:30pm. I hit the couch and the DVR for the rest of the night.
We tried to cram a whole lot of things into Saturday morning/afternoon, before Billy had to head to work at three. Our first stop was going to visit my grandpa. I love watching Abigail and him together. He absolutely adores her and she thinks all the M&M's he gives her is pretty awesome too ;)
After breakfast and a couple of errands, it was time to say goodbye to Billy for the night and put Abigail down for a nice, long nap.
On Saturdays, we will usually let Abigail sleep in the car while we run errands, but not give her a proper nap until around 2:30/3pm when Billy leaves for work. It's easier for me this way. I can get stuff done around the house and rest for a few minutes before I'm in toddler town for the rest of the night. She usually sleeps for 2-3 hours and then goes back down around 7/7:30pm.
For whatever reason, Abigail hasn't had much interest in eating meals at home lately. I don't know if there is just too much going on for her to sit and concentrate on eating or if she just doesn't like the food I am making her, but it has become my mission to get this kid to eat.
Saturday night, I made her some tuna fish and rice with veggies and decided to serve it in a silicon ice cube tray, in the shape of hearts. And what do you know, she ate ALL of it! Every last bit of it.
I served her lunch on Sunday in a different tray (chicken and yogurt) and she ate all of that too! #momwin

Sunday, oh Sunday.
This picture just makes me laugh.
You guys know I keep it realer than real around here. So when my kid throws her very first foot-stomping, body-flailing, cry til you puke, jumping up and down temper tantrum, I take pictures of them and post them here. Add in some killer pigtails to the mix and I kid you not, Billy and I could NOT stop laughing.
This tantrum was truly over nothing. She was perfectly fine. Fed, hydrated, clothed and entertained. Which is why we had no problem standing there and letting her sort out her feelings on her own. When she was finished being a drama queen, she came over and gave us big hugs.
Girls, they are SO dramatic ;)

We had my parents over for football and lunch for a couple of hours (post meltdown and nap). And then when they left, we went out to pick out our first pumpkins of the season!
Abigail was way more interested in picking up and rearranging the pumpkins than she was standing there and smiling while I tried to take pictures.

She was having a conversation with the garden gnome, obviously.

And that brings us to Monday.
I've come down with some sort of cold situation that is making me sound like a man and I am hacking up a lung every 3rd word that comes out of my mouth. I'm quite the sight at work today.
And on top of that, while I was dropping Abigail off at daycare this morning, I almost had to go 50 shades of psycho on another parent.
I parked in my parking spot, got out of my car and made my way to the passenger sides backseat to unbuckle and get A out of the car. Her door was open, but it was pressed up against my back so not to take up too much room from the parking spot next to me (which was being occupied) when all of a sudden, I feel the door get tighter on my back/butt and feel a thud and hear a bang! The parent that was parked next to me, who SAW ME taking my child out of the car, couldn't wait the 45 seconds and decided to try and back out of their spot and not wait for me to be done and hit me/my car! I turned around and looked at him, screamed things NOT appropriate for a parking lot at a daycare and carried on. Nothing happened to me or my car, he didn't hit it hard, but the fact that he knew I was taking a toddler out of the backseat, saw me standing there and STILL couldn't wait, was way too much for me to handle.
Hey Monday, chill out.

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