Savage Race 2014 -- Recap

Last Saturday, a group of 11 of my friends and family headed out to Dade City, FL to complete the 2014 Savage Race.
Savage Race is a 4-7 mile mud run with 25 obstacles in between.
We had the absolute time of our lives!

Savage Race was physically and mentally challenging (for most of us) and personally, I had to face a few obstacles that I really didn't think I would be able to complete. One I did, one I didn't... more on that later. We wouldn't have been so successful if we hadn't all stayed together and I'm proud to say all 11 of us crossed the finish line at the same time.
This may not be every ones cup of tea, but I figured I would go into detail on each obstacle we had to complete and give my thoughts on it.
If at the end of this post, you think this is something you would like to challenge yourself with, Savage Race 2015 is open for registration now. We haven't set our team up yet, but I think ALL of us are prepared to run it again come March.
Our course was set at the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City and ended up being 6.5 miles or a little over a 10K. It was on a horse farm, so the mud we were pulling ourselves through was pretty smelly and disgusting. We got over it pretty quick though ;)

Now, here are the obstacles, in race order.
-- I apologize in advance for some of the obstacle names. They certainly got creative with them. --
Side note: I don't have many pictures of the first half of the race. My mom and aunt met up with us about 3/4 of the way through and was able to snag some pictures then which is why you will see a photo dump towards the end of the post. Thank you Aunt Patty for such awesome photos!
Shriveled Richard: Once the race started, we were taken on a 1/4 mile (approx.) run to the first obstacle. We arrived at SR sweaty, and ready for a cool down. But we got way more than that. There was a lot of anticipation doing this one because there was a bit of a wait. We walked up to an area that had 3 ice trucks and 3 pools of water, with a 15 foot distance to the other end. We had to JUMP into the ice water, where there was a piece of wood so kindly placed in the middle so we were forced to go under the water, submerging our entire body and then swim the to other end and get out. The only way I can describe this is by saying, 'Imagine you at your coldest... and then triple it'. It was colder than any of us could have ever possibly imagined. Billy and I jumped in together but he almost had to leave me at the end because my muscles cramped up and I couldn't get out. He helped pull me out and we started running around in circles, trying to get the feeling back in our limbs. Come March, this one will be a hard one to convince myself to do again. It was that bad. But in some weird way, SO FUN!

Prairie Dog: We went through a patch of mud before this one, but I don't think it was an actual obstacle. If I have one complaint about this race, it would be that the obstacles weren't labeled very well. We weren't sure which  one we were doing, so on a few of these, I am playing the guessing game. Prairie Dog wasn't too bad, even though I had a slight panic attack in the middle of it. You had to crawl through the dirt underneath a piece of plywood. Doesn't seem like much and looking back on it, it wasn't. But I am severely claustrophobic so I had to be coached through it.
Thors Grundle: This one entailed crawling through mud water and having to go underneath wood barriers so that you had to submerge yourself (including your head) under the water. There were two parts to it. The first one we were able to keep our heads out of the water, which was nice. The second we had to go fully in. Again, being claustrophobic, this wasn't my favorite. The water was gross and it was painful to open our eyes after we were done.
Sawtooth: The jacked up Monkey Bars. I had no intention of even trying this event. I didn't want to waste any one's time, knowing that I wasn't going to be able to do it. But, my adrenaline got the best of me and decided that I wanted to at least TRY every single event. So I did. And I only made it to the first bar before I was swimming in the water. It was a lot of fun though and 3 of our guys made it completely across! And the water, granted it was dirty, was awfully refreshing ;)
Swamp Ass: Lot of mud. And slipping in mud. And losing my shoe in the mud. And screaming 'AHH MY SHOE!'. And more falling. This obstacle wasn't hard, at all. Just gross.
Nutt Smasher: There was a water stop right before this event and I think that had an impact on the wait time. We waited for a good 20 minutes to complete this one. Nutt Smasher is a balance beam above a pool of water. The trick is that once you hit the center of the wood, everything starts shaking. And shaking HARD. It was difficult to keep my balance, but I'm pretty proud of myself for getting across! Most of our team did, actually!
Lumberjack Lane: Walking through a lake, filled with mud and presumably alligators and water moccasins, holding logs of wood. You were a 'badass' if you took too... so naturally, I found the two lightest logs and got moving. Not a hard one.
Block Party: I thought this one was a blast and I think it was new to the event! We came up on a set up of cinder blocks that were attached to ropes, probably50-75 feet away from us. We had to pull the cinder blocks up towards us and then carry them back down for the next person. And of course, the first time Savage Race presented this obstacle in a different state, people complained the cinder blocks were too light, so they filled them with cement for our event. Thanks, guys! ;)
Low Crawl: Army crawling through the mud with barbed wire over the top of you. This one was hard only because my foot kept cramping up which made me want to put my ass in the air. Not good when you've got barbed wire over the top of you.
Slippery Incline Wall: Just like it sounds, this was a large inclined wall with ropes hanging down them. We had to get a running start, run partially up the wall, grab the rope and climb our way to the top. The other side was a ladder of sorts to get down. This one wasn't bad, except I slammed my knee into the wall on the way up and it hurt like a bitch!  
The next obstacle, 'Mud Walls' through 'Me So Thorny' was the longest, hardest stretch to get through. The obstacles were spread out, there was a lot of running (which none of us were awesome at) and it seemed to drag out a lot.
Mud Walls: Exactly what it sounds like. Walls of mud that we had to climb up and down. It wasn't bad. The mud was sticky and very slippery so we were all kind of a mess.
Big Ass Cargo Net: I typically don't like cargo net obstacles but this one was pretty pleasant. No complaints and it was pretty easy.
Back Scratcher: Woof.. this one was a doozy. A row of 6 (I think) 4 foot walls that we had to climb over, when we got to the bottom of each one, there was barbed wire we had to climb/roll under.
 I think I got over the first one by myself and after that, I had to have Billy or someone else help hoist me up and over.
Wet Willy: Going through a good distance (have no idea exactly how long) of water, pulling yourself through on a wire above the water. The consensus between the group was that this was one of our favorite obstacles. We all felt like we were gliding through the water and even though it was gross water, it was still pretty refreshing.
Mud N Guts: This obstacle produced some of THE BEST photos. It was a man-made lake of sorts that they had dug MAJOR holes into. DEEP holes. We would be ankle deep walking through dark mud and then all of a sudden be up to our neck in water and dirt from stepping in one of the holes. This one was tough to get through only because we couldn't see where we were stepping, how deep things were and mud was being splashed in our contact filled eyes.

(( ^^ please look at where Billy's right leg is (up by his chest) and his other leg is 5 feet deep in mud ^^ ))
Barn Doors: Climbing up and over a high wall with barn door slats in it. Not hard. And our whole team was able to sit on top of the wall for a minute so that one of the photographs that the event provided could take a team photo. But we are all a little disappointed that the photo hasn't shown up in any of our accounts.
Me So Thorny:  This event was a zig-zag pattern of crawling through the mud with barbed wire over the top of you. I think I got caught on it once or twice, but remained blood free ;)

Pipe Dreams: This is similar to Sawtooth in that I had no intentions of actually trying until I was actually in the race and got the motivation to at least try every event. There was a metal pipe hung vertical across water and you had to get yourself to the other end. My upper body had no plans of making that happen for me. I couldn't even really reach the pipe and I think my dad ended up just pushing me in the water after I couldn't grab it.

Colon Blow 5000: In the water and mud, we had to crawl under barbed wire, into and UP a water sewer pipe, then crawl down a sewer pipe and then crawl back into water and mud under barbed wire. I was most afraid of this obstacle and really didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I have a fear of being trapped in a tight space and this really wasn't my jam. But when I got there I was in the mindset that I wasn't doing the race to accomplish easy things, it was to do things I never thought I could. So with my dad in front of me and Billy behind me, encouraging me to keep going. I did it. And it was the best feeling to come out the other end... even if I look like I'm in pain.

(( ^^ the look of pure exhaustion ^^ ))

Davy Jones Locker: Climbing up a (lets call it) 3 story dock and jumping off. Totally didn't think this one would be an issue. I have no fear of heights and thought it sounded fun.... until we got up there. I don't think any of us were prepared for this one. The free fall was insane, hitting the water and not knowing how deep it was, was terrifying and it's another obstacle that come March, it will be hard to get me to do again. Just thinking about jumping makes my stomach do a back flip!

Colossus: A half pipe ramp that you run up, grab a rope, pull yourself up and try to get to the top. I would say about 50% of the people at the event were successful. As were most of the people in my group. I however, was not successful and I am still very disappointed. I ran, I grabbed the rope, I climbed my way to the top, I had the guys grabbing my arms to help pull me over and I just ran out of steam. I wasn't helping them enough, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to get my legs over the top and I knew if they tried any harder, they would have broken my wrist. So they let me go.. and I slid alllllllllll the way back down the half pipe. Pissed was an understatement.  

Colossus (slide side): The second half of Colossus is a huge slide on the other side. I was able to climb a ladder on the side to get myself up there with the group so I could participate (they were already up there since they successfully completed the first half). The slide was terrifying. It was fast and bumpy and so fun!

Missionary Impossible: Laying on your back with a cargo net on top of you, you had to pull yourself up a steep hill with water pouring down on you. This wasn't too hard and it was refreshing because for the first time the entire race, I think it was FRESH, CLEAN water! We were all trying to rinse off a bit ;)
Kiss my Walls: I'm considering this event a 'filler' because that's what it seemed like. If you have ever been on a rock wall, this is what this was like. It was a wall, with pieces of wood on it for hand and foot grips. You had to get across it vertically. I was last in line and got 3/4 of the way through and realized everyone was waiting on me, so I hopped off because I didn't feel challenged. It would have been MUCH better had it been over water.
96" Stiffie: Climbing over an 8 foot wall. I attempted it once (with a boost) and didn't get over and gave up. And then I saw my sister do it (who was hungover the entire race!) and thought to myself 'get your ass over that wall!' so I tried again and got over. And I'm so glad I did :)

Blazed: The typical, ceremonial jumping of the fire. It always makes me giggle that in pictures, it looks like the flame is 6' tall when in reality, there usually isn't a flame at all and it's just hot.

And there we have it! We all crossed the finish line together and I am SO proud of everyone in our group for sticking together! 

& I have to give a special shout out to my Dad who not only did the race with us, but kicked most of our asses!!

We ended the day with free beer and expensive food before we hit the road where we all took the most thorough showers of our lives.

We are bruised, sore and sunburned but I don't think ANY of us are complaining!

Thanks Savage Race for an awesome day!

This post is not sponsored in any way by Savage Race. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post whatsoever.

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  1. Great blog Jen!! You captured everything! Such a fun day and a great recap!! Love momma