the weekend.

Happy Monday, guys!
I'm popping in super quick today to chat about our weekend.
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@jenniferhuff13) then you already know that I (with 11 others) competed in the Savage Race on Saturday in Dade City, FL.
I will be back tomorrow (hopefully!) with a COMPLETE recap of the race. Photos, obstacle descriptions etc. It will be like you were there, minus the bruising, soreness and sunburns all 12 of us are rocking right now.
In the meantime, here is what we did this weekend before and after the race.
Abigail and I hung out at my parents Friday night while they and a bunch of others (Hi Aunt Patty  & Kim!) got ready for the annual Halloween parry we always attend.
Billy and I opted to skip the party this year, since we had the Savage Race the next day and Billy usually always works late on Friday nights.
My child, ladies and gentlemen....

Saturday was an early one. We met half of our group at 8:30am to make the hour and a half drive to Dade City for the race.
Here are a few of the 'before we left' photos...

More to come tomorrow!
My brother stayed home with Abigail all day on Saturday for his first all day babysitting extravaganza. I'm pretty sure Abigail was mad when we got home because I think she had the time of her life... these are a few of the pictures that we received while we were out all day.

Thanks, Matt! You are a total lifesaver!!

Billy had to work all day Sunday, which meant I was flying solo with Abigail. Which would be totally fine under any normal circumstance. However, I woke up not being able to move more than my eyelids and Abigail isn't really one for sitting still. So I packed us up and headed over to my parents house for the day so my mom could so all of the playing and kneeling on the floor and walking and pretty much anything that didn't involve a couch.
Once we got home for the day, I spent a couple of hours trying to clean our washing machine of the piles of dirt that came off of our clothes and letting Abigail play with 100 plastic forks because it made her happy, and it didn't involve me moving.
& that takes us to Monday.. I'm sore and slighting cranky, but I just got a text from Billy that we are meeting some of his family in town from Virginia at 4Rivers tonight. And if you live in Central Florida and know 4Rivers, you know that it could turn any type of Monday into a fantastic day!

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