favorites & confessions.

It's Friday, ya'll!
I've got a few favorites & a few confessions (<--- link up links!)  for you this week, so sit back, grab some vodka coffee & enjoy!
First up, a confession. Almost all of my favorites today are from Target. They didn't pay me for this post in any way. I'm just addicted to the store. But who isn't really.

I bought this scarf from Target this week (it's on sale right now!!)  & I am absolutely obsessed with it! It's so big and fluffy & ((confession)) I wore it as a blanket while at work today because our office is an icebox.
Confession -- I need a better selfie taking mirror. & it needs to be put somewhere in my house with better light.

Every morning, Billy makes me a cup of tea to-go for my drive to work and daycare which can sometimes, depending on traffic take a while. I found these cups from Target and their new Cheeky line and I love them! The colors are perfect & they somehow put me in a better mood so early in the morning.
Confession-- I took this photo on top of my washing machine & there is a clothespin on the left hand side of the cup keeping it from rolling away.


I am absolutely loving the weather in Florida lately. It is between 50 & 60 degrees in the morning, 70's in the afternoon and then back down at night. I've been able to bring out some of Fall staples which include any and all long sleeve shirts with thumb holes and these leopard shoes. I'm obsessed.  
Speaking of shoes, I was cleaning out my closet the other day with Abigail and while I was folding clothes on my bed, I turned the corner into my closet and found her trying on all of my shoes. I die.
Confession -- There are so many things to judge about this photo. The insane amount of shoes, the incredibly full diaper & the fact that I had to crop 90% of the photo because there were clothes everywhere. #yolo

I was perusing through the Target Christmas section the other day and came across their collection of marquee style signs. I found this heart marquee sign and thought it was PERFECT for the vision I have for Abigail's 'big girl room' that we have decided to give her for her 2nd birthday. So we scooped it up and plan on giving it to her as one of her gifts for Christmas.

 And last but certainly not least, my favorite confession is that Abigail and I take parking lot car selfies on the regular to send to daddy. & she has started to smile when I tell her to for them. My heart melts :)

 Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We are headed to a wedding on Saturday so it should be a great one!


  1. I also live in Florida (south part) and I wish the temp could go down 50 here. Lol great finds at target, I'm in love with cutest and most comfy booties I bought there weeks ago. I'm following you via google friend. Priscila

    1. Thanks for following, Priscila! And I wouldn't mind colder temps either. I love it!! :)

  2. Florida livin' here too! I'm in love with this weather -- we are NC natives so the change has been amazing!

  3. Thumbholes in long sleeve shirts and jackets are the best <3 love the leopard flats too! Thanks for linking up, happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Heather! & thanks again (as always) for the link-up :)

  4. parking lot selfies are the best!
    I love that mug, where did you get it