Martinis & Tacos -- Our Weekend.

This weekend was way too short, right? Like 'just left my desk chair on Friday and now I'm back sitting it on Monday and it's only been 30 seconds' kind of short.
Last week was rough for so many reasons including going to the dermatologist and having 3 biopsies done and then getting approximately 6 gallons of blood drawn the next day for lab work (I'm fine, just getting some tune-ups).
I had a Friday Happy Hour scheduled with some of my girlfriends from work and 3:30 could not have hit fast enough. I needed to dive head first into a martini glass, stat. And dive I did.. into 4 of them to be exact.
Girl talk, martinis and beautiful Florida Fall weather. It was perfect. And too short. WAY too short.
Saturday was filled with renting a carpet cleaner from Home Depot to clean our couch and living room area rug and lots of sniffles. Abigail and I are both recovering from head colds so we were super lazy after Billy went to work at 3pm.
Speaking of our area rug, we got it from IKEA 2 years ago and we love it. It's huge and it was expensive and its the only way our couch doesn't go sliding across our tile floor.... and now it smells like mildew from cleaning it with a Rug Doctor. Anyone have any ideas?
Saturday night selfies before bedtime are my favorite.
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have already seen this picture and the caption that went with it however, I will say it again... There will never be a day that I take for granted how much one-on-one time I get to spend with my girl. It's overwhelming, stressful and down right exhausting but it's perfect. And we miss daddy while he is working long, strange hours -- I miss him even more when she is teething though ;)  

Sunday morning.
This is her favorite way to sit on the couch. Looks cozy ;)

We had friends and family over Sunday afternoon for Football and a taco bar.
We all ate our weight in queso and then scarfed down an inappropriate amount of tacos.
Billy made a great little setup for us and they were absolutely delicious.
I'm confident we are all still recovering.

This is a picture of our baby monitor of the girls quietly playing/reading books in Abigail's room. It was too cute not to share. They sat there for a while talking to each other and babbling about the books they were reading. My heart melts.
Once the house was empty and the mess was cleaned up, I spent the rest of the evening cleaning out my closet, folding, hanging and putting away every stitch of clothing we own and watching some of my DVR'd shows.
And now it's Monday. And I sat in traffic for an hour just to get to daycare & work. And I may or may not have called Billy while I was stuck on I4 and told him to steal the 'For Sale' sign from the house next door and stick it in our yard. I am the definition of OVER IT!

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