our week, thanksgiving & weekend.

((tap, tap.. is this thing on?!))
Thanks for baring with me this week while I took some time away from the blog. It was a sad one for sure but taking the week off means there is A LOT to catch up on & a lot of pictures to share with y'all. So strap in and get ready for an overload... this is what the week, thanksgiving & weekend looked like for us.
Our Week;
I bought these last Sunday... & by Monday I had eaten four.
Emotional eater; party of one!

This chick.. she has made so many sad days just a little bit brighter.
She takes 10 minutes to make sure the pencil is placed perfectly between her fingers & then gets bored of drawing after 30 seconds.
She insists on coloring on the floor. And in this instance, with one shoe off.
After I snapped this photo, she came over to me to give me a big hug, said 'poopie' and then I realized she had shit crawling up her back (and now all over my hands).
Parenthood y'all, it's the greatest. ;)
She helped me make Peanut Butter Balls (recipe to come!) for Billy/Thanksgiving on Wednesday. She was a big fan of licking ANYTHING that touched the peanut butter. I'm positive she would have licked the counters clean if I would have let her.
Our Thanksgiving;
Billy & I have hosted Thanksgiving at our house the past two years (click here to see last years) but my mom wanted it back this year, so we gladly gave it away.
We have made it a tradition now to take all of the pumpkins that we have laying around from Halloween and play baseball with them. It is one of the best parts of the day!

Feast your eyes on my new favorite picture!
My whole world, in one photo!
We rounded out the night with a few rounds of catchphrase and frosty beverages.
& if anyone is wondering, the girls were team one ;)
Our Weekend;
What seemed like a low key weekend was actually jam packed with checking things off of our to-do lists and fun!
Billy worked from 2:30am - 3:30pm on (black)Friday -- they cater all of the department stores employees that open early, in case you are wondering -- so Friday night was pretty mellow. And by mellow I mean he was asleep by 7pm and I laid in bed watching movies.
I did all of my Black Friday shopping online, mostly because I don't have a death wish but also because I put Abigail in daycare on Friday and had an entire pantsless, braless day to myself at home. Mama wasn't doing anything that involved pants. Nothing.
We spent the day on Saturday decorating the house for the Holidays!
The tree went up & was decorated during Abigail's nap time and the look on her face when she woke up and saw it was priceless. I'll let her help put it up next year, she was still too young this year.
By 5:45pm, I was having trouble keeping Abigail awake. She always goes to bed relatively early, but that was WAY too early for her. I exhausted every option to keep her occupied and awake. By 6pm, I gave in a put her to bed. & she slept until 8:20am Sunday. My girl loves to sleep!
Sunday, we spent the whole morning cleaning the garage & cutting down a tree in our front yard. How adult-ish, I know.
After nap time, we went and visited my grandfather, went to the jewelry store to get my wedding rings cleaned & inspected, headed to Trader Joe's (for the first time ever! I'm in love, y'all!!) & then popped into my parents house for a quick visit. Phew, I'm exhausted just typing it all.
This is what Abigail thinks of her mama's singing. Which is weird because this is exactly what Billy does too ; )
We had just enough steam in us when we got home to heat up Thanksgiving leftovers and stuff our faces one more time this weekend.
I am now officially curled up on the couch, watching Four Christmases & staring at my pretty tree.
I hope your weekend was filled with lots of turkey, snuggles & Christmas trees!


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