snapshots from our weekend.

I should really just call this 'a couple pictures of Abigail from the weekend with a few words thrown in', but that was a little lengthy for a post title, don't ya think? 
Look, I spent most of the weekend sick as a dog, trying to survive. I called in sick to work on Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday coughing and sniffling. 
I'm feeling 90% better today, which I am so thankful for! 
Moving on.. 
Lets do this 'one sentence per picture' style, shall we? 
She gets her spaghetti eating skills from her mama. 
You'll be a real hit when you're on dates (when you're 30), baby girl. 

This was five minutes after she sat in timeout, screaming her face off because she slapped me in the face. Motherhood, y'all.. it's no joke. 

Her eyes are killer. So was her attitude all weekend. 

She is obsessed with washing her 'dirty hands'. 
Also, heyy creeper mom hand. 

I think this is her first official foot pop and it's the cutest. 
And it looks like I had my eyes closed when I put those pigtails in. 

There you have it. Riveting stuff, huh? 

& now it's time to continue binge watching Breaking Bad. We only have 12 episodes left and I don't want it to end! 

Hope you're Monday didn't suck, my loves!

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