Abigail's (almost) big girl room tour.

I had originally planned on switching Abigail to a twin-sized bed when we moved into the new house but at the last minute decided neither of us were ready for that. She isn't trying to climb out of her crib yet (despite the picture I posted on my Instagram -- I think that scared her enough) and I figured the move would be traumatic enough on it's own, we didn't need to add another element to it.
I wasn't ready either. I'm already sad that she is growing up so fast, I was emotional over the move.. it just wasn't in the cards.
 I gave her room a 'big girl' update though, just without the bed. I added a ladder shelving unit to store a lot of her goodies, livened up her rain gutter bookshelves and she sleeps with a real pillow now ;)
If you want to see what her room looked like in the old house, you can click here.
& here is what her room currently looks like:
The ladder shelf stores a few of her favorite stuffed animals, all of her dress up clothes, a basket full of her shoes, hair-ties and headbands & her owl piggy bank, of course ;)
Am I the only parent out there that has ever used their kids piggy bank money to tip the pizza delivery guy?... Yes? Oh, ok.
Her very favorite book right now is the one with the pigs on it, which happens to be my very least favorite.

We moved her height ruler to her room because we don't really have a designated playroom in the new house. I made the pink, purple and white tassel garland last year and her hand and foot print from when she was a teeny tiny little thing is framed on her dresser.
I went to Ikea a few weeks ago and it has kind of turned into a tradition of buying her a stuffed animal whenever we go. She has a stuffed broccoli, carrot, moose... and so this time I picked up that cloud pillow. She loves sleeping with it :)
Abigail has adjusted really well to the new house. She never had any problems falling asleep in her new room and I'm anxious to see if she'll do just as well when we finally transition her to a twin. But not too anxious, because mama just ain't ready yet ;)

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