pedis, birthdays & giraffes - Our Weekend.

I feel like it should still be Friday.. anyone else? Geez, this weekend flew by!
We had a packed two days which I'm sure is playing a big part in that, but that just means I have something to talk about today!
Here's what our weekend looked like --
After work and school pickup, Abigail and I headed home for some puzzles (she is loving these & these right now) and pedicures ;)
We were in the middle of doing puzzles when she stood up and ran into our bedroom. She found a pen on the floor, brought it out and sat down and started to color her toes. I asked her if she wanted me to paint her toes and she squealed with excitement. She sat so still on our bathroom floor and held the bottle of polish for me while I brushed it on her toes.  I was able to get two coats of pink and a clear coat on them. Her favorite part was when I took out the blow dryer to blow cool air on them. And to make sure she didn't get polish everywhere, she went straight into her highchair for dinner.
By the time I got Abigail down to bed and Billy came home from work, I had a killer headache. Lack of sleep and a long week at work had finally caught up with me and I felt like complete crap. Billy ended up giving me some ZzzQuil and I was asleep in about four and a half seconds. And the best part.... he let me sleep until NINE-THIRTY in the MORNING the next day. I don't think that has happened in 2 years!! NINE-THIRTY! It was absolutely magical!
We had a birthday party to go to in the early afternoon (Happy 1st Birthday, Bray!) before Billy had to go to work and Abigail had a total blast!
Here is Abigail & daddy coloring Brays gift bag before the party ;)
& also a perfect example of how our house looks at any given time... a total disaster. And heyyy wall mounted beer bottle opener in the kitchen, ha!
After a VERY late nap Saturday afternoon, I pulled out an early Easter present and introduced play-doh to Abigail! She loved it! And any activity that distracts her for an entire hour is a winner in my book. Even if she did mix all the colors together and I was having a total slight panic attack.
We spent our Sunday morning and afternoon at the Central Florida Zoo! I'm going to recap that separately since this post is already getting pretty wordy, but just know that we all had SO much fun and ended up buying annual passes because splash pad & beer.
& now it's Sunday night and I'm snuggled up on the couch watching the iHeart Radio Awards (Justin Timberlake should win everything, all the time.) and writing this post.
Tomorrow's agenda consists of Abigail's first dentist appointment (Lord, help us!), a full day of work & The Taste of Lake Mary to round out our night!

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