StitchFix Review #2

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review in any way.
All opinions are my own.
A while back, I received my first ever StitchFix box (you can read that one here) and I loved it! Life got busy and I never scheduled to get another one, until recently. I recived my second box last week and I'm here to review it for you guys!
So, what is StitchFix? 
- StitchFix is a subscription box (how often you receive it is totally up to you!) that sends you 5 items (clothes & accessories)  based on a personal style profile that you fill out when you sign up.
- Once you receive your box, you try on all your items, decide what you want to keep, throw the times you don't love in the provided return shipping envelope and pop it in the mailbox. From there, you log into your account and fill out the feedback survey and declare which items you are keeping.
- StitchFix has a monthly styling fee of $20. If you chose to keep any of the items in the box, the $20 is put towards the cost of the items! If you chose to keep all of the items in your box, you receive a 25% discount on all times! plus your $29 styling fee! 
If you love it as much as I do, you can sign up to get your own box by clicking here (<-- affiliate link)!
Like a dummy, I accidentally threw out the information card that comes with the box, so I'm going to make up the names & try my best to remember the pricing of the clothing items. Better luck next time!
Chevron Blouse - $58
I really liked this shirt. The design was cute too, but it was awkwardly tight around my shoulders. You know when you stretch your arms out and it feels like you're going rip your shirt in half, hulk style... that's what this shirt felt like. - Returned.
Puffy Sleeved Fringe Shirt - $48
Loved this one! The top and sleeves of this one are stretchy and the fringe at the bottom made it a definite keep for me! This picture doesn't do the shirt justice, but I picked this one just so you could see the babe rocking my heels in the background. - Kept
Aztec High-Low Top - $48
Didn't really love anything about this one. It fit just fine but I didn't think the colors were very flattering on me and I just couldn't justify the price. - Returned.
Army Green Sleeveless Vest - $58
I love a good vest, for sure! But this one didn't scream Spring or Summer to me so it had to go. - Returned.
Navy Stripped Dress - $58
When I saw this in the box, I was SO excited. I loved the way it looked, the material, everything about it. And then I put it on. It wasn't flattering on me whatsoever. I thought it made me look frumpy. It made me so sad! I loved the 3/4 sleeves and that I could dress it down with flats or up with heels for a night out or to work. Sigh... - Returned.
All in all I thought it was a great fix! I only kept one item, but I consider that a win since my $20 styling fee didn't go to waste!
My next fix is schedule to arrive on April 16th and I left my stylist detailed notes on the types of items I am looking for and I also updated my Pinterest page to help as well!
And I'll also do a better job of having the correct names and pricing for you guys as well!
And here is what I'm dealing with in between photos ;)
Happy Wednesday! XO.

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