Easter 2015

Happy 5 days AFTER Easter!
Better late than ever, right? Sorry I'm coming to you guys so late, my sweet baby gave me the plague and I've been knocked on my ass for the past week.
I've only been into my office once this week so far and I've already gone through a bottle of Nyquil. Daycare germs don't mess around, y'all!
Anyways, I have a lot of catching up to do, so why not start with our Easter! I'm going to keep it short and sweet and let the pictures do most of the talking...
Abigail was totally spoiled by the Easter bunny due to a mommy/daddy drunken shopping spree at Target one night last week. Whoops!
((We filled her baskets with new slippers, bubbles, cookie cutters, stamps and some outside play toys!))
Billy had to work on Easter, so we set up a small (12 eggs) hunt in our front living room for Abigail to wake up to and so he could be a part of it. We didn't know how she would react (she was too small for it last year) but she was TOTALLY into it! She did such a good job and was so excited finding each and every egg!
After Billy went to work, Abigail and I walked over to my parents house for more Easter Bunny goodies and another egg hunt!
My brother is an Easter baby and his birthday always falls either on or around the holiday. This year, it was the day before. Due to work schedules, we decided we would skip Easter dinner and do his Birthday dinner instead! He chose Kobe Japanese Steakhouse :) YUM!
& the best part, Billy surprised me and came home SUPER early (4pm!)!
My momma & I
(we don't look anything alike, huh?) ;)
My family and I have been to Kobe more times than I can even count but this visit, without a doubt was the ABSOLUTE best. I think it was a combination of the company, the chef and just all being in really great moods (read also: drinking fiery volcanos and fruity concoctions), but I don't think we have laughed more or had a better time in all the years we have been going!
Happy Birthday, Matt!

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  1. Great blog Jen! I think you could have shared a little more on how fun Easter was at Nannas house though...Lol great pics too! I think we might look a little bit alike...Hmmm. Love you baby..😘