Our (jam packed) Weekend.

We had a jam packed weekend and I can't believe it is already over!
We are exhausted, dishelved and probably still a little hungover. It happens ;)
Saturday was my niece's 1st birthday party and we celebrated with a Minnie's Bow-tique bash (which makes the next photos a bit confusing) and all the kiddos had an absolute blast!
These 3 cousins became inseperable all weekend ;)
There was a facepainter at the party and this little one sat so nicely the whole time (with the help of Nathan coaching her through it) to get a pretty butterfly painted on her face! This was towards the end when the fairy dust was being applied ;)
& then Elsa and Olaf showed up to a Minnie Mouse party (it's a long story, ha!) Equal parts adults & children were totally freaked out by them, but it was hysterical.
(Yes, my eyes look closed, but they aren't)

Have you ever seen a prettier butterfly?!
One of my aunts won't be able to make Abigail's second birthday party in a couple weeks so she brought her a gift to open to Addison's party and it was this beautiful snow white dress. Abigail is SO into dressing up right now, it was perfect! And I think her smile tells you how much she loves it!
After the party started winding down, Billy and I had to jet off to Orlando (while my parents had a sleepover with Abigail.. thanks mom & dad!) for a wedding!
We ended up being super pressed for time and had to get ready for the wedding in a total of 6 minutes. I just kept telling Billy how lucky he was to have married a low-maintence wife ;)
The reason we were so pressed for time was because Billy was playing and singing our friends, the bride & groom, first dance song! We had to get to the venue before everyone else to set up his equipment and make sure everything sounded perfect! And it did! He did such a great job and I was a super proud wife! You can see the video here or here :)
We had such a good time at the wedding! Partied way too much and quickly realized the next morning that we are NOT 21 years old anymore. Yikes!
Congrats Jessica & Anddye!
We ended up without a car at the hotel the next morning due to taking the provided shuttle back from the venue (high five for being responsible drunks!). I quickly downloaded the Uber app on my phone and within minutes I had a car waiting in the hotel lobby for us! It was about a 20 minute drive and cost us a whopping $11! I highly, highly recommend it if you are in need of a ride!
Once we got home and picked up our baby girl, we came home to put her down for a nap and Billy & I decided to sweat out our hangovers with some yardwork. It was only bearable because I was listening to the Serial podcast while edging and pulling weeds. Y'all its so good! Listen to it if you haven't yet! I only have two episodes left!
After naptime & a shower, we quickly realized that we had ZERO edible items in our refridgerator, so I threw on my hangover outfit and we hit the grocery store.
Except Abigail decided she wanted to be a (cute) pain in the ass and scream the whole time, for fun. We ended up just throwing a bunch of stuff in our cart and hightailing it out of there. We were supposed to go to Sam's Club as well, but Abigail was not in acceptable form to be in public.
We holed up in the house for the rest of the day and these two lounged on the couch walking Animal Planet for hours. Every now and then she would look up at him and tell him what animals were on TV. Be still my heart.
Girl couldn't even keep her head up to draw.
Bedtime was near.
We had my parents over for burgers on the grill for dinner and then crawled into bed at 8:30pm.
Wild ones.
I (thankfully) work from home on Monday's so I am spending today in my pjs, checking emails, running reports and writing addresses on Abigail's birthday invitations on my breaks ;)
Enjoy your Monday, friends!

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