Flamingo Fiesta! -- Abigail's 2nd Birthday Party.

It's been a hot minute since I've logged onto the blog. Sorry y'all! It's been a super busy couple of weeks! I'll be back later on in the week with a life update but today I wanted to share all the details from Abigail's 2nd birthday party!
Caution: Seriously picture heavy post!
The theme was a Flamingo Fiesta & it was a total blast!!
 I found yard Flamingos at Home Depot and used them for both indoor and outdoor decorations.
The tissue paper tassel garland, I made using paper from Target & Michaels.
We used our Flora & the Flamingo book as a guest book for everyone to leave birthday wishes for Abigail.
Both garlands are from Target & are super affordable, I just intertwined them.
Smaller flamingos found here.
Flamingo straw sippy cups were from The Dollar Store (!!! my excitement could not be contained when I found them!)
I made two types of Pink Lemonade.. one spiked, one not ;)
I baked a four layer, chocolate & vanilla cake and used a flamingo cookie cutter & a whole lot of sprinkles as the decoration! I may or may not be absolutely and completely obsessed with the way it turned out.
I also made 48 mini cupcakes for people to snack on in case Abigail spit all over her cake blowing out the candles ;)
Bubbles & spray chalk were used as party favors.
We kept the food relatively simple.
But the biggest hit of all were these....
Now onto the actual party pictures..
If you zoom in, you'll see a slightly disturbing face in the reflection of the mirror (Hi Dad!)
I should also explain that we had a face painter at the party. & a GIANT inflatable waterslide. & a cotton candy machine. It was almost a circus & I totally loved it!
Best friends!
The days leading up to the party, the weather called for thunderstorms all day & just overall nasty rain. We weren't going to let that ruin the day, but were so happy when the sun decided to do nothing but shine all day!
The giant waterslide was SO much fun and such a hit!
This mama most definitely went down in all my clothes towards the end of the party. #spikedlemonade
Yeah... can you find my kids foot in that splash!?
Don't worry, she totally loved it and her grampy took great care of her :)
I decorated the wall behind the gift table with pictures of Abigail from her first birthday through her second into the shape of the word TWO. This was a total bitch to do and I had every intention (& the extra pictures!) to make the actual number 2 as well, but it didn't happen. And I'm not that bummed about it.
We didn't open gifts until the next morning because the party carried over until after midnight, oops! But this little one got completely spoiled by all of the people who love her the most!
& if you follow me on Instagram (@jenniferhuff13) or Facebook, you can check out her reaction to one of her gifts. I can't believe what she said!
This is how I found her at 10am eating her banana, completely pooped.
Sunday was a struggle for all of us ;)
I seriously don't remember having this much fun at a party.... maybe ever!? And I'm not just saying that because I poured my heart and soul into it!
Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet baby girl!
I love you so much!!


  1. Awesome party baby, great pics and also amazing birthday girl!!! Such a great day! You did a wonderful job!! ❤️

  2. What an idea! I have always liked the combination of black, pink and white. It looks amazing and I have to say the face painting idea is awesome. She looks so cute in the picture. I have also booked a beautiful venue NYC for my daughter’s birthday party. The house is under renovation so I had to it.