Life Lately

It has been an eventful couple of weeks around here and I'm bringing you a quick little recap of it all today!
I celebrated my 29th birthday with dinner & Cirque Du Soleil! It was a great night!
We celebrated Mother's Day at my parents house with brunch and a pool day at my sisters house!
On her birthday eve as I was getting her in her PJs, she looked up at me and said 'Hold me like a baby, mama?' and it was exactly what my heart needed. So I held her like I used to when she was itty bitty, rocked her and sang her 'Happy Birthday'.
Sleepy eyes and a tutu is what we sent her to school with on her birthday ;)
We showed up around 2pm armed with balloons and cupcakes for her whole class! They sang her 'Happy Birthday' and danced around the room! The smile on my girls face made getting put on lockdown at the school because of ole George Zimmerman totally worth it.
And later on that night, my whole family, all 12 of us, went to dinner and had cake to celebrate all three of the birthday girls! It's always a busy week with all of the celebrations we have, but always so much fun!
My dad came over and put up my new, beautiful birthday present! I've been wanting a wall-leaning gigantic mirror for a long time and my parents gifted it to me for my birthday!
By now, you've probably read all about Abigail's 2nd birthday Flamingo Fiesta (if not, click here) so we will skip over that and jump right to the Sunday after her party.
It was struggle city for most of us so we spent the day relaxing by the pool and sweating out our hangovers ;)
She looks like such a grown up in this picture and it makes me so sad.
Where did my little baby go?!
This was my view for most of the afternoon & it was absolutely perfect :)
Ok, now we are all caught up and I get can back to real time blogging!
I'll be back next week with a full long weekend recap and an update on Abigail now that she is TWO!
Have a great weekend, y'all!

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