Life Lately.

This is life the past few (very hectic) weeks:
Two weekends ago, Billy and I and a large group of our friends/family competed another mud run! This one wasn't nearly as long or intense as the Savage Race we ran almost a year ago, but still fun none the less. We scaled walls, got filthy and added some shiny new medals to our collection!
Abigail took her first selfie and it's pretty clear she's a natural ;)
We celebrated my nephew, Nathan's 7th (what?!) birthday last week at Kobe!
And while we were digging into onion volcanoes and scorpion bowls, Abigail was having a PJ party with her best friend!
I've been getting my butt kicked at work for the past couple weeks. A couple of days over the last week or two, I've left work at 5pm only to come home and start working again until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. One of those nights, I ate cookie dough for dinner because, duh.
Speaking of cookie dough, this past Saturday, it was just Abigail and I all day and we had time to kill before heading off to Nathan's skating rink birthday party so we decided to bake ourselves some cookies, instead of mama just eating the cookie dough. Abigail was SO excited to be my little baking partner.
And while the cookies were in the oven, we painted our nails and toes a color she deemed 'mermaid blue'.
Three cookies and zero naps later, we got ourselves ready to head to Nathan's party and walked over to my parents house for a ride ;)
The skating rink had an area sectioned off for beginners/smaller kids and Abigail couldn't have gotten her skates on faster. Actually, she could have... because putting roller skates on a two year old should be an Olympic sport. Phew!  
She totally rocked it on the rink floor! She wanted nothing to do with holding my hand and loved saying 'wooooooahhhhh!' every time she would wobble and then eventually fall on her butt ;)
She rewarded all of her hard with a slice of pizza (or two) the size of her head.
I just love this girl so much!
Does anyone else get insanely jealous of their baby's eyelashes?! Something I'm not jealous of... that uni-brow ;)
And that's life lately!
Between work and home, things have been so, so busy! I'm so ready for life to slow down a bit, but I suppose it being October 1st and officially the start of all things holidays, that might just be wishful thinking! I'll breathe again in January ;)  

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