Fall/Winter Family Photos

We did a Fall/Winter mini photo session with our wonderful photographer last weekend and I can't even tell you how pleased I am with the way the photos turned out!
I'm going to be completely honest, I was totally dreading it. Our shoot time was in the middle of nap time, it was 85 degrees out and we were dressed for cold weather and I was really concerned that it was going to be a total disaster. But boy was I wrong!
Look, it was hot. But we live in Florida. It's really never not hot. #doublenegative #thuglife
But Abigail could not have rocked this shoot harder. The minute she saw the camera, she was posing, smiling, cheesing, dancing... you name it, she did it! It made for some awesome photos!
And just to keep things real, the minute we got in the car after our record breaking 13 minute photo session, she started kicking and screaming because I didn't bring any gummy bears for her.
Ya win some, ya lose some.
Anyways, here are just a few of our photos. I made an entire album and posted it to my Facebook page, if you are interested in seeing the rest!
If you are local and in search of a fantastic photographer, I can't recommend Tracy Staggs Photography enough!

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