Abigail's Christmas Wishlist!

It's only December 2nd and this holiday season is my very favorite yet!
Abigail is so much more aware of what Christmas means and the excitement on her face everyday when she's finding her elf and pulling the next activity from her advent calendar, can't be beat!
That being said, when we ask Abigail what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas it usually varies between a pink motorcycle or a lightbulb... so for the most part, I'm still basing her gifts off of things I think she will really enjoy as opposed to things she's asking for. Maybe next year? ;)
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We don't usually go too crazy with gifts for Christmas, since my parents love to shop for their grandbabies ;) But, we usually get a few small things and one gift from Santa. This year, Abigail's Santa gift is the easel! My nephew has this one from Ikea (and holy affordable!!) and she always runs to it to play with it when she is at my sister's house. And anyone who has been around here long enough, you probably remember that we had a huge chalkboard wall in our old house, which we don't have anymore. I know she misses it and I think she will love this alternative! 
I picked up Hungry Hungry Hippos on Cyber Monday for her because I think it will be the perfect game to play together! We all know her Frozen obsession runs deep and I thought this gift set with the trolls was absolutely adorable! The broom and tool sets are simply because she loves helping us with those particular activities. Whenever she sees me sweeping, or just sees the broom, she begs to use it. Same goes for tools.
What are on your kids Christmas lists this year?

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