Life lately!

Holy moly has life been busy lately! We have been packing so many things into our days, I can not believe it is already the end of December and almost Christmas!
I've barely had time to breathe, let alone blog.. but I just sat down on the couch with a toasty mug of the prettiest hot chocolate and Home Alone just happened to be on TV, so blogging on the couch it is!

We had our first cold(ish) day in what seemed like forever so I decided to dress for the occasion. And right after I took the selfie, I dropped toothpaste all down the front of me and had to change. It also ended up being 80 degrees that afternoon, so it wasn't a complete failure.

Christmas time means Billy is working sunrise to way past bedtime, so Abigail and I try to fill our days with fun (& time consuming) activities. On this day, her advent calendar told her we got to make Christmas popcorn! We only used chocolate chips and green/red sprinkles, but she had the best time!

The only thing she has been asking for is a 'red toy'. That's it. No specifics, nothing special, just a red toy. So we got her a little red wagon to tote all of her small dolls and toys in. I think she's going to flip ;) The Elf on the Shelf this year has been fun. She gets really excited to find him each morning, but as far as her behavior being any better when we tell her he's watching, no dice... Maybe next year?!

After a very busy couple of months, stressful jobs and another upcoming move, we decided to book ourselves a trip to the (Georgia) Mountains! So at the end of January, we will be taking the 8 hour drive with Abigail and our dog and heading to Blue Ridge Mountains for a couple of days. We wanted colder weather, woods and no commitments. We bought fuzz ball beanies to celebrate the occasion ;)

We had our family Christmas party last weekend where we managed to get 10 out of 11 of us in one photo! My niece Addison was napping.. so close, maybe next time?!

I edited this picture to black and white because her smile was completely bright green from her 3rd cupcake :)

Last weekend, my mom, brother, nephew and myself went to go see 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The musical'! My brother kept joking that I was having more fun than my 7 year old nephew. I thought it was so, so good! Funny, entertaining and adorable!

We haven't had to take Abigail to the mall yet to see Santa because her school brings in THE BEST looking Santa Clause every year! I'm totally fine with that since the lines you have to wait in are less than desirable. This year marks the first year she was excited to sit on his lap and didn't cry! She's getting so big!!

Last Monday, Abigail had her very first Holiday performance at school. It was so cute and the kids were a total disaster, mine included. We got there early and sat in the front row, since we knew Abigail was going to be sitting in front too. As soon as she spotted us, she begged for me to go pick her up. She stayed up on stage for about half of the performance until she got so sad that I wouldn't hold her that she stood there saying 'mama! mama!' and then one giant tear rolled down her cheek. She sat on my lap for the rest of the show. All in all, I think there were 6 kids left sitting in their chairs by the end of it. It was so perfect, we videoed the entire thing and I can not wait to show it to her one day ;)

We rounded out our week and weekend with activities from our advent calendar. Christmas cookies and driving around looking at lights and decorating gingerbread houses!

Throwing this one in for good measure because her teacher did her hair and she ended up looking like Miley Cyrus and it's hilarious.

And that catches us up!
Be back next week with a full Christmas recap!
Hope you all have the very best holidays!

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