Weekend Happenings

We kept things super low key this weekend after the holiday. I think we were all feeling pretty sluggish, dragging our feet and thinking of different ways to reinvent the turkey leftovers.
Abigail loves drinking the last sip of my green tea in the morning. I'm pretty confident she would drink an entire mug-full if I let her, but she's hyper enough without all that caffeine, so I'm good ;)
We took a 3 mile walk Saturday morning. I pushed our dog in the stroller while Abigail walked beside us wearing an Elsa dress, sneakers and hot pink sunglasses. We are a travelling circus.

Late Saturday afternoon the doorbell rang with my first round of packages from this week long shopping binge that I've been on. Please someone tell me I'm not alone! Anyways, one of the packages was from Shutterfly (I have 3 more coming JUST from them!) and it had this print that I ordered in it. I love, love double love the way it came out and immediately threw it into an existing frame I had and put it on display.
She's afraid of monsters in her room lately, which means grainy, late night selfies while we take her mind off of anything scary. We ended up buying her a nightlight and putting it on her bedside table in hopes that she won't be so afraid.
We just hung out around the house all day on Sunday. Made a quick trip to Target, watched football and painted our nails. Sixteen loads of laundry and a trip outside after dark to look at our neighbors Christmas lights rounded out the rest of our weekend.
Hope it was a good one for you all! XOXO.

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