Goals & Resolutions - 2016

Let's talk resolutions, shall we?
I used to be the girl that would only set resolutions focused around weight and food. 'Lose 15 pounds this year'. 'Eat clean 80% of the time'. And I've never stuck with any of them. I don't think they were realistic for me and after the first month, I would get discouraged and quit. For the past few years I've taken a different approach; not setting any goals at all. However, I still wasn't happy with that. So as the new year was approaching I thought a lot about things I wanted to focus on for 2016. Below are some of the things I came up with.

- Live with simplicity. As most of you know, we sold our first house almost a year ago. Since then, we've rented a house close to my parents, which has been great. About a month ago, we received notice that the owner of the home wanted to sell and that we would need to leave at the end of our lease. This left a lot of room for decisions. Buy a house even though we aren't sure where we want to plant our roots yet? Do we try and find another house to rent in the area, even though it hasn't been the easiest thing to deal with this past year? Neither of those sounded like good options to us, so we took a step back and decided to significantly downsize and rent an apartment while we look for our dream home. What does that mean? Well, we are only moving the necessities this time around. We have started to clean out boxes that have been moved from house to house and not looked at for years. We've donated bags and bags of things that we haven't touched this past year. And we've sold furniture that we weren't emotionally attached to. And guess what, guys?! I'm actually pretty excited about it! I'm excited for small and cozy for a while. I'm excited about saving (a ton of!!) money and if you can't tell by now, I love change; so I'm pumped for new scenery and a new place to decorate! So for 2016 we are learning to live in a smaller space, getting creative with storage and enjoying each others company, rather than playing in separate ends of the house. This could all change a month after we move though, so check back for my attitude around April ;)

- Have something to look forward to every month. These things don't have to be big, but they have to be significant. So often I think we go from day to day, month to month and forget to make memories and live. I don't want that to happen in 2016. We are taking a small winter-weather trip in a week and a half, have a fun show to go see ( & a move!) in February, a Disney vacation in April... so, we are off to a good start!

- Adventures over things. I feel like this goal ties in to both of my others. Instead of buying material things or gifts, I want to spend our money on memories and adventures. Go and explore (this doesn't mean go broke.)! I love finding new things to do in our city that have been here and we never knew about.

- Practice patience. Any other mamas out there lose their shit one too many times in a day and sit back at the end of the night, after the kids have gone to bed and think you could have handled it a little better? Held your crap together a little bit longer? Yelled a little bit less? Or understood that they are just little kids a little bit more? Billy's work schedule means I am on my own a lot. There are a lot of long days, that turn into long nights. There is no 'oh he'll be home at 5pm and I'll get a break'. He works 9am-9pm (roughly...sometimes longer, usually never shorter) and on those long, long days I've been trying to make a conscience effort to take a step back when I'm losing my cool with Abigail and remembering that she's only two. 2016 will be the year of things getting a little dirtier, one more lap around the neighborhood on her motorcycle and maybe a few nights of staying up way past our bedtimes ;)

So, now that I've talked your ears (eyes?) off, what are your goals/resolutions for twenty-sixteen?

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