GA Mountain Vacation - Also the time we almost died.

Life has been freaking hectic lately and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Which actually isn't true because at least twice a day I think 'hey Jenn, you should really open up your computer and catch up'. Anyways, I have a couple of posts to put up that are so outdated that it almost seems silly, but I want the memories documented... so here we are.

We took a trip to Blue Ridge, GA at the end of January. I really just needed some cold weather and quiet for a couple of days and that is exactly what I got. We ended up there the same weekend that the blizzard passed through, so once we got to our cabin we were 'stuck' there for 4 days. It ended up being perfect. Our cabin had plenty of entertainment, we got a TON of snow and had plenty of down time to binge watch 'Making a Murderer'.

Before I leave you with a billion photos, it's worth mentioning the most stressful/story worthy part of the trip. On the Saturday before we were supposed to leave, the snow hadn't let up like it was supposed to. We got a call from the cabin company (at the bottom of the mountain) telling us not to try and leave by the 10am checkout time because the mountain was going to be too icy (we were at the very top of a very large mountain). We woke up Sunday morning and planned to take our time, which we did... however by about 11am, most of the ice (that we could see) had melted away and the roads were clear. So we decided to leave. We got a couple of blocks and hit a patch of ice that hadn't melted away yet. Long story short, we started sliding down the mountain, I was trying to decide if I should jump out and try to get Abigail out of her car seat before we plummeted to our death (seemed logical at the time) or just hold on for dear life while screaming bloody murder (I'm very dramatic). After we got out of the car (a gravel driveway ended up stopping the car), realized we were about 3 centimeters away from barrel rolling off of the side of a mountain and not going anywhere anytime soon, we packed a backpack and walked back to the cabin for a couple hours. But not before, of course, I slipped on a patch of ice, while holding Abigail in my arms and landing as hard as humanly possible on my back. Between that and the fall I took off of the hover/wiz/deathtrap board, I am certain I am one of my chiropractors most profitable valuable patients, ha!

Here's a look at our trip:

Before the snowfall.
Cozy slippers and Netflix, yes.
The cabin had the most magical bathtub in its own room, overlooking the mountains.
& a gameroom.
& an outside hot tub.
My girl. I just love her so much... and she thought the snow was the coolest.
Getting hit with snowballs ;)
First time sledding for both of us...we loved it so much!

It was a much needed, relaxing (minus the almost death thing) vacation!

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