Life Lately

I started going through all my photos on my phone to get this post started and all I found was this...
and this...
and this.
Abigail and I have both been put through the ringer with colds and stomach viruses, so we've been doing a lot of sleeping and Sophia the First watching. Not complaining though ;)

When Abigail was feeling better, she was back to her old self as seen here...

We took a road trip to attend my Aunt's birthday party and she had the best seat in the house, while my mom and I were squished like sardines in the seats next to her.

When we are recovering from some sort of illness, we've been living in the pool. One day last week, after weeks of using her floatation vest, she asked me if she could swim without it. I, of course said yes and out of no where she started swimming on her own... and hasn't stopped since!

Hmm, what else is new... Oh, I broke our bed! No, not like that... you see, I wanted to hang something above our bed (that black and white tapestry that is draped at the top of the bed) and I went to go stand on the bed to hang it and the whole thing just snapped in half. Not my proudest moment... I've spent every minute since in the gym.
Kidding. Haven't been to the gym once. It's on my to-do list though. Right next to 'buy a new bed'.

Abigail had an 80's dance party at school this week. I forgot all about it until the morning of but was pretty proud of myself that I was able to throw an outfit together in minutes. It's also worth mentioning I didn't ask her to pose like this, she just did it. And I love it!  

My sister moved into a new house this week and all the help Abigail provided was to make sure there was no pizza left. She did an excellent job ;)

And that's been life lately for us. A lot of our time has been spent on an exciting project that I'll be blogging about soon, once the timing is right.  #notpregnant


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