Our 4th!

We took a little beach vacation over the long 4th of July weekend and when I say 'we took', I mean we free loaded on the two extra bedrooms my parents had available in their beach condo and shacked up for 4 days with them. (Thanks Mom & Dad!)
Timing couldn't have been more perfect, since Billy has had the past 10 days off while he was transitioning to a new job. It was officially the most time we have ever spent together in the 10 years that we have been together and neither one of us wanted to kill each other as he went back to work this morning, so we're doing good, guys! Doing real good. 
Other than a new job, things with our current housing situation have been really stressful and my work has been keeping me BEYOND busy, so a nice little beach vacation was much needed all around. 
The condo we were fortunate enough to stay at, Hammock Beach Resort, is perfect for a family vacation. They have the greatest kids pool with a sandy beach (minus the sharks, sub kids pooping in the pool...ya win some, ya lose some), water slides, adult only pools and hot tubs. They put on the best fireworks show on Sunday night, which made it that much easier to head home on Monday, the 4th without feeling like we were missing too much of the action.  

I went a little picture crazy, so if you made it all the way down here, you're a real gem. And if you want even more, I made this little video that captured some more of our trip. You can see that here


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