This is 30.

Last night, as I was hopping out of the shower trying to steam away a migraine, I walked out of our bedroom wrapped in a big white bathrobe, with a towel wrapped on my head and a black Biore Pore strip over my nose; glasses resting on top naturally. I strutted into the living to find my husband sitting in a purple bean bag chair, drinking Crown out of a wine glass that said 'Mama needs some wine', playing video games and I couldn't help but laugh and ask 'Is this what 30 looks like?!' 

I turned 30 in May (and am just now realizing I never blogged about it, I'll throw some pictures in at the bottom) and didn't really have any reservations. Age really is just a number to me and I kind of march to the beat of my own drum, so it was just another birthday to me (the BEST one, to be exact!). 

And then the last month hit... and I feel like a switch has flipped. 

I just spent a sizable amount of money on skin care products this week (my favorites coming tomorrow!) because for the first time ever, I can see that my skin is aging and changing. 
Last night as I was sitting on the couch, listening to Billy talk about his day, I caught myself in the mirror, interrupted him mid-sentence and asked him if I 'looked soft' to him. Him being a smart man, looked at me puzzled and said no, but I do! I told him I didn't understand because I haven't really changed the way I eat/drink and he stopped me and said 'you're 30 now. Things are going to change'. I'm sorry, WHAT?! 

Now, I'm not digging my own grave or anything, but I think it's time to do some maintenance! The gym and vegetables are about to become my best friends. 

30 hasn't been so bad though... I have jumped out of a plane ;) 

And just for fun, here are some pictures from my birthday. For reference, we ate dinner here, where we all took turns passing around a beer boot (or 2) until it was empty and then took a 15 person bicycle around town, hopping in an out of bars. If you are local, I can't recommend Limo Cycle Tours enough! 

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