Hurricane Matthew

Well, Billy & Abigail got to experience their very first 'real' hurricane last week (and my first one in 12 years!). Billy moved to Florida in 2005, so he just barely missed the 2004 fiasco (three hurricanes back to back to back, in case you're not from Florida). 
I think around Tuesday, we all kind of realized that this hurricane might actually be one that we needed to worry about, so we all slowly started making preparations. We decided that since we live in an apartment and my parents are only like a mile down the road, we would go stay with them until the storm passed. We got over there on Thursday around noon, which is when news outlets were really telling us to get where we needed to be and stay put. Thankfully, we are in an area that is far enough away that we did not have to evacuate, but know a lot of people weren't that lucky. We spent the rest of Thursday making sure the house was in order and grabbing what ever bottled water and flashlights we could find that were left at the stores. I documented most of the next two days on SnapChat (jlhuff13)but we spent most of the night eating pizza, playing games and watching movies. The storm wasn't really supposed to hit us until around 3am Friday morning and we were under a mandatory curfew starting at midnight (basically the entire east side of Florida was shut down on Friday - so none of us had school or work to worry about). 

I don't think any of us really slept Thursday night, but I was put at ease enough around 1am when I saw that the storm has made a very slight shift to the East, which meant we would be taking a less direct hit. 
Almost on cue, at 3am a roof shingle slammed into the glass french doors of the room that we were sleeping it and I about fell out of bed. That was enough to make it so I didn't really sleep much after that. Everyone else was up bright and early, ready to see what the day had in store for us. For the next 8-10 hours it was very rainy and even windier. There were a handful of gusts of wind that really had me nervous, but I am so happy to say that we did not have any damage. Lots of tree branches down, an almost over flowing pool - but I. will. take. it. We know how lucky we were! 

When the mandatory curfew was finally lifted Billy and I headed to our apartment to see what the situation was over there. We quickly saw that the complex was without power, so we packed up some more of our stuff (and I took a candlelit shower) and headed back over to my parents for another night of camping out. 

I am happy to report, we got power back SO quickly (I think it was less than 24 hours) and we've been back at our place since about 9am Saturday. If you work for Florida Power & Light and see me out in public, don't be alarmed if I run up to you and give you a hug - you're kind of like my best friends right now.  

We know everyone was not as fortunate as we were and our thoughts are with everyone who is suffering from Hurricane Matthew. 

When Billy and I went to our apartment and quickly realized we didn't have power, I had to snap a picture of how creepy our hallway looked. Glad I went back with him or I don't think I would have made it into the actual apartment! 

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