Here's what life has looked like lately... :) 
B & I went out on an actual date the other night, for the first time in way too long. I was sick and didn't want to go, but he made me and we had a great time! 

Abigail's school has Fall pictures this week so they have the full setup outside. I wasn't buying the pictures, but Abigail wanted to pose anyways, so I snapped this picture.... and love it! Totally saved us the $40 ;) 

On mornings when Billy works and I take Abigail to school, we eat breakfast in the car... because both of us like to sleep in and we always, always, always end up rushing. 

Do you ever just stand back and watch? That's what this picture is. She had no idea I took it or that I was even creeping back there in the kitchen. I just watched her eat her dinner in front of the tv (like every parenting book tells you not to... keeping it real!) and watched. And loved. So much love! 

What I'm hoping is a very short faze in her life, Abigail has started waking up around 3 or 4am and wanting to climb into bed with us. Some nights we let her, some we don't (I know that's bad... but she's so cuddly!!). 

We had a breakfast picnic in the park a couple weekend ago. It was so nice to eat pancakes and kick the soccer ball around. She's drinking her 'coffee' here (chocolate milk). :) 

And I'll leave you with this... Abigail hasn't been acting like the best little 3 year old lately. She's had an attitude and is throwing more epic tantrums than I'd care to even think about right now. And I'm just exhausted. Nothing seemed to work. 
I decided to make this super cheap and easy 'Behavior Chart' and after almost a full week, I think it's actually working! She gets a sticker for everything she does in a day and I draw in a big sad face if she does something she isn't supposed to. She totally gets it and gets excited for her stickers. For an entire week, she only got 3 sad faces... things are looking up!! 

And that's life lately! :) 

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