Our Thanksgiving - 2016

I'm so far behind on documenting Thanksgiving because of my eventful last week (which you can read about here, it's a doozy) so, here it is, only three weeks later. I don't really anticipate anyone actually wanting to read this, it's really just for me ;) 

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent it with the entire family at my parents house. We all helped cook, we all got drunk too early off of mimosas, your girl took a solid nap after lunch and we all played pumpkin baseball in the backyard. Here are some pictures from the day! 

Our attempts at a family picture weren't as successful as I would have liked, but here they are anyways ;) 

All of the ladies... 

And my beautiful girl! 

He looks so old in this picture.. I can't believe he's 8 (all the cry faces)! 

Our spread... looking at it makes me hungry again. 

My favorite picture from the day. 

And my second favorite picture from the day... minus the Sophie butt. Can someone edit that out please? Thanks ;) 

Hope you all had a wonderful day! Time for CHRISTMASSSS! 

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